Monday, January 23, 2012

My Weight loss story!

Hi Ladies!

The last few months leading up to the new year there has been a huge swirl on fitness and health.  Many people I know who are both fit and not fit have wanted to either take the next step in their health or have gotten tired of being out of shape and not healthy ( this would be ME!).  So, I wanted to share with you ladies my weight loss story, how I lost my weight, what program I used and what door has now opened up to me.  I will try and keep it short and simple!

Many of you know me personally, but let me tell you a little about myself anyway ;) I grew up, for what I can remember over weight, I was the chunky girl! It wasnt till I reached high school that I started to lose some of that baby fat.  Even then, I really was not into fitness, I just either ate cereal every meal, or salads. Especially when I met Moises hehe! I have never been into sports, as a matter of fact, all I would do is go to school, come home, eat and watch tons of TV.  I just didnt really grow up active, and I dont blame my parents, I just never had the motivation to get off my booty.  Well, fast forward I married Moises, and we had our first baby, with this pregnancy I gained about 30 lbs.  During the process of trying to lose that baby weight, when Grace was 7 months, I found out I was pregnant again! So much for losing that baby weight right?? Well, by the end of my pregnancy with my boy, I was at 199lbs! I almost want to say it was more, but thats the number that sticks to me.  I was the biggest I had ever been! Nothing fit, I felt discouraged, didnt feel I was attractive to my husband, was not eating the right foods, and just felt completely unhealthy.  It wasnt till one day, I saw a picture of me, and I was stunned at how big I had gotten!  That is when something just clicked in me, I HAD TO MAKE A CHANGE! For two reasons 1. I am a young woman! I deserve it. 2. I could not keep having more babies and just allow my weight to sky rocket out of control.

One day, my husband told me about a program called Chalean Extreme by Chalene Johnson.  I was super excited and scared to actually commit to a 90 day program. Every single doubt entered my mind...Will you actually commit? What if it doesnt work?  I am not strong for that type of workout, I will fail miserably...and the list goes on!! But I knew I had to make a change, and the fact that we were actually buying it helped too!! A few days before I started, my sister, Priscilla,told me " Melany, you do such a good job taking care of your husband, your children and your house, you can do this for YOU" and that encouraged me so much! I thought to myself how right she was in saying that. If I can diligently set my heart to love Jesus, to care for my family then I can do something for myself, it is time to set that same dedication towards something that is going to better my life.

I was determined, I was motivated, and Moises took my Day 1 pictures ( which was by the way ONE OF THE HARDEST, EMBARRASSING, SADDEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE) and the next day pressed play, and every day after that for 90 days!! and guess what??? I DID IT!!!!!!!! I made it back into my jeans that I held on for so many yrs hoping one day I would fit back into, and that NOW are actually starting to fit lose! I lost 25lbs, 27 inches off my entire body, and 9% body fat.  I didn't just work my butt off during my workouts but I changed my diet. I started eating the way God desired of me, clean foods that help keep my body in good health.

So, here I am 4 months later, 30 lbs lighter, feeling great and onto my second 90 day program called Turbo Fire.  My journey has only just begun, I still have more weight to lose, and more goals to reach, but everyday I take a step forward and every day I see improvements!   Something super excited has also happened and it's that I am now an Independent Coach for Beachbody! They are the company I get my workout programs from.  This just means that as a part of Team beach body I can help other women reach their fitness goals, I can encourage them and be there for them pushing them through and rooting for them in every step. I am really excited about this new opportunity. I just want to make my self available to all of you as YOUR coach. If you want to lose weight and be in the best shape of your life, I can help you! I am not a trainer, or a nutritionist, I am just  someone who made the commitment to change my life, and got results!  

You can visit  and join team beachbody for free ;) If any of you are interested in ChaLEAN Extreme or any other program they will all be on my site as well and you can also read other success stories! Also, if you would love to also be a coach yourself let me know! I can help with that!

I will also we starting a beachbody 30 day challenge using ChaLean Extreme.  I know there are a few of you who have ordered it and have started, this challenge is just for a group of ladies who want to go at it together for 30 days and be part of the 30 day challenge group! If any of you are interested let me know, and I will do it sooner then later! You can also stay tuned to my FB page for more info on it when time comes.

So this is my story  and if you can take anything out of this email, leave with this....YOU DESERVE TO FEEL AND LOOK AWESOME!! If I can do it, I think ANYONE CAN!! It isnt about being the most skinniest person ever, or a number on a scale, it about YOU and feeling wonderful, and being the best shape of your life!!

Sorry this was so long and I hope some of you endured to the end! ;) Thank you for hearing me out!


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